We didn’t, but lots of KHUM listeners and Facebook people did. Apparently it lit up the skies a little after 6 p.m. There are a whole bunch of sightings from Yreka to Humboldt to Grants Pass to Coos Bay recorded on this site.

Sounds pretty impressive. Says Jennifer Wentworth from Gold Beach:

We had just stepped out of the car where we had arrived for dinner I noticed the moon to my east over the mountain as I turned I noticed the sky suddenly getting bright as if a light was being shined down from the sky. I was mesmerized I yelled to my mom and brother who also witnessed the tail end burning up in the sky. As I stood there in shook my mind raced as to what I was seeing UFO, meteor, plane!? What was this thing has huge has the moon plumbiting towards earth. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever witnessed!!

Your Lost Coast Outpost is trying to reach some sort of certified astronomical professional so he/she can tell us exactly how screwed/blessed we all are, but until then — won’t you please record your impressions of the fireball below?