Trying to find my husband at Arts!Arcata when I received a text: “Cool heavy blues rock band in Ace parking lot.” I quickened my pace and turned the corner just in time for the last song by Hoodoo (Nathan Smith on guitar/vocals, Steven Jeffares on bass, Nate Dodd on drums). Very cool. Very heavy. Very rock. In a parking lot. In Arcata! By young people! Who’d’ve thunk?! 

After frightening the boys with my enthusiasm (sorry, guys), we stuck around for a couple tracks by The 51 Cards. Who also rocked! Suddenly, I feel hope for the future!

Background, from Hoodoo’s FB page: Hoodoo was formed in the town of McKinleyville, California in 2011, when two teenagers (Nathan Smith and Steven Jeffares) sought to produce music unlike the popular country and rap music often blasting from their peer’s stereos.