(PHOTOS) GETTIN’ WILD ON WILDWOOD: Rio Dell Gets a Scrappy Cougar

Coming Soon: Old Town is Getting a Trendy New Arts & Crafts Bar

Rio Dell Has an Owl Now

(PHOTOS) Today’s Old Town Eureka Graffiti Battle Winner Declared

(UPDATE) GET TO PHOTOSHOPPING, HUMBOLDT! Eureka’s New Police Chief Would Like Some Artwork For His Office

Wanna Paint a Utility Box? Eureka is the Place to Live Your Dreams

(PHOTOS) Mural’d!

Eureka Wins Competitive Bid to Have Downtown Area Certified as One of the State’s First Official Cultural Districts

Everything I Need to Know About Art I Learned from the Comments Section of Lost Coast Outpost

(PHOTOS) Check Out The New Mural Being Painted in Old Town Eureka

(PHOTOS, VIDEOS) Behold! Duane Flatmo Reveals His Latest Flame-Throwing Art Car Design, ‘Rabid Transit’

Check Out The Arcata High Student’s Digital Art Piece That Won This Year’s Congressional Art Competition

Help Eureka Plan Its Future Art by Taking This Survey

In Wake of Oakland’s ‘Ghost Ship’ Tragedy, Arcata Collective Redoubles Efforts to Build Safe All-Ages Performance Space

LoCO Supercommenter ‘Shrox’ Talks Star Trek and Graphic Art on KHUM

Street Pianos? More Murals? A Return of the Jedi Festival? Eureka Asks For Help Choosing New Art Projects.

Your Mural is Done, Fortuna

MURAL ALERT: You’re Getting Some Pretty Classy Public Art, Fortuna!

This Photo of a Eureka Restaurant With a Racist Name is Now in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

LoCO May Be Too Dumb to Appreciate This Weekend’s Citywide Multimedia Installation on the Legacy of Fort Humboldt

(PHOTO) Somebody Stole This Student Painting of Anatomically Correct Horse-Like Beasts from HSU’s Art Department

(PHOTOS) Here’s the Latest Sculpture Added to the C Street Market Square

LoCO Wonders: Is That The Best Way to Dispose of Your Old LPs?

Those Road Rainbow Splatter-Paint Vandals Are Endangering Drivers, Caltrans Warns

Arcata’s Iconic Statue of Something-or-Other Has Been Knocked Off Its Pedestal

[Updated With Better Photo] Art Defaced and Stolen at Mad River Tap Room

What’s Up With Those Paint Splatters on the Freeway?

Cow Chooses Death on the Freeway Over Auction; Northbound Hwy 101 Blocked Near Fortuna

Eureka Councilman Allegedly Has Drug-Fueled Altercation, Reneges on Agreement to Make Public Apology

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Mapped: Walkable Manila

Sonny Wong Stars in Debut of New Chuck Johnson Video Series With His ‘Art Life’

Who Is Ruining the North Jetty’s Dolos By Making Them Something Worth Looking At?

For All Your Hyperlocal Ambient Audio Collage Needs

The Chandelier Tree

Trinidad Harbor

Arts Alive Preview: ‘River As Home’ Opens At MGMA

After Earth (Filmed in Humboldt) Releases Trailer

Local Film about Marijuana Growers—One Good Year

You Live In A Beautiful Place

Maya 2012 Revealed - Book Interview

You are missing awesomeness at Arts!Arcata

Field Trip! Whimsy in the Dunes

Kinetic Weekend! Follow the Race on KHUM!

Humboldt Arts Festival

The Ink People Need Your Help