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A 10 foot tall puppet is currently being created by locals here in Humboldt and will be assembled in Sacramento to help protest the current upswing in federal actions against dispensaries, patients, and growers. A local medical marijuana trade association, the Emerald Growers Association, is joining with a coalition of cannabis advocacy groups to rally Monday when President Obama will make a major campaign appearance at the Fox Theater in Oakland.  His stop is near the famous Oaksterdam University which has been a target in the recent federal campaign against medical marijuana. Cannabis advocacy groups are bringing in supporters to draw attention to what they feel are unwarranted intrusions.  Kristin Nevedal, Chairwoman of the Emerald Growers Association,  explains that they want a peaceful gathering to “ask Obama to follow through on his campaign promises and not crack down on patients and facilities that are compliant with state law.”

According to the EGA’s press release,

The Noon rally at City Hall Plaza between 14th and 15th Streets at Clay Street will be peaceful, friendly and open to all. It will include a theater skit featuring a larger-than-life puppet tried by a popular jury. Afterwards,  formal press conference will be followed by a protest at City Hall Plaza at 3:30 pm.

Informal carpools will assemble at the Shop Smart parking lot at 7:30 Monday morning. For information call 498-9877.

Nevedal stresses that this is a peaceful protest with a permit.  She says that the groups are asking participants to make this a no smoking event. She urges everyone to bring water and sunscreen as it should be 80 degrees that day.