sexist matthewsWhat does KSLG’s John Matthews hate more: fiddle music or females?

You thought you knew the answer, but the people at “Name It. Change It.” — a project of the Washington, D.C.-based Women’s Media Center — beg to differ.

In a post dated last Friday, Rachel Larris, the center’s communications director, takes the shock jock to school over the blatant misogyny he paraded around for all to hear last week during his so-called “radio show.”

The issue? Well, er, it was the LoCO’s endorsement of Norman Solomon. Congressional candidate Stacey Lawson’s local field coordinator, Sofia Pereira, took issue with some of the language we used to describe a potential runoff between Lawson and Huffman (“[a] half-year beauty pageant, Ken vying with Barbie for top honors”). 

You can read the whole shocking interchange between myself and Matthews that followed over at the “Name It, Change It” post. There’s even an audio clip, if you can stomach it. But you might do best just to read Larris’ summation, because it is helpfully cleansed of any inherently misogynistic dangling punctuation marks:

Matthews’ utter overreaction (and it’s completely to Sims’ credit that he does not join Matthews demonizing of Pereira) is all too often the media’s reaction to even the gentlest suggestion that something they produced was sexist. Sorry Matthews we do think your reaction to Pereira betrays some misogyny. Why don’t you examine your reaction instead of assuming nothing you could ever say or do is sexist?

All told, your Lost Coast Outpost escapes the tar and feathering that is no more than Matthews’ due with a simple wrist-slap for having written something “mildly sexist.” You hear that, ladies? You could do worse!

Naturally, local reprobates are already piling on. If you see someone with the following avatar in their GChat, Facebook or Twitter profiles, please defriend and/or block them immediately, then notify the proper authorities: