January 2023

(UPDATE) INTRODUCING: John Kennedy O’Connor, a Classy British Expat and a Veteran Broadcaster, Has Deigned to Join Your Lost Coast Outpost News Team

INTRODUCING: LoCO Quake Bot, a Running Tally of Humboldt’s Shaky Moments

October 2022

INTRODUCING: Eduardo Ruffcorn-Barragán, the Newest Addition to Team LoCO!

August 2022

The Outpost’s John Ross Ferrara Has Logged Off

April 2022

ANNOUNCEMENT: LoCO Will Publish Your Letter in Support of a Local Candidate for Office, But Only if You Write it in the Form of a Limerick

March 2022

Been Wondering How You Can Financially Support Journalism in Humboldt While Also Scoring a Bangin’ Coffee Mug? LoCO is Eager to Help You Help Us Help You With That

February 2022

Outpost Editor Hank Sims Wins Journalism Award for His Reporting on the County’s Redistricting Process

INTRODUCING: The Lost Coast Outpost’s Newest Pixel-Slinger, Isabella Vanderheiden!

December 2021

TOP 25 of 2021! Here Are the Most Clicked-Upon Posts of the Last Year. BONUS: The Most Deeply Read Stories of the Year!

March 2021

HUMBOLDT COVID FASHION WEEK: Psych Yourself Up for LoCO’s Next Dumb Contest! Strut Your Stuff and Win! Win! Win!

February 2021

WINNER! Local 14-Year-Old Wins LoCO’s SINGING IN SOLITUDE Contest!

Get Pumped For LoCO’s SINGING IN SOLITUDE LOVE SONG CONTEST (or: How You Can Win a Romantic Night Somewhere Other Than Your Own Bed)!

December 2020

Here are the Top 25 LoCO Posts of 2020, the Astonishing Year That Was

September 2020

INTRODUCING: The Outpost’s New and Soon-to-Be Star Reporter Jacquelyn Opalach, Who Wants to Hear Your Stories About Local Schools and School Systems!

July 2020

The Bad News and the Good News From LOCO HQ: We are Losing Star Reporter Freddy Brewster … but We’re Hiring!

June 2020

We’re Making Changes to the Outpost’s Comments

April 2020

(LIST) The LoCO Chowdown: Here’s All the Humboldt Restaurants That Will Still Serve You Deliciousness

February 2020

INTRODUCING: The Lost Coast Outpost CLASSYFieds! Classified Advertising For the Humboldt County Masses!

SO PROUD! The Outpost’s Freddy Brewster Has Been Honored With the Society of Professional Journalists’ James Madison Freedom of Information Award

November 2019

INTRODUCING: Interested in Your Gastrointestinal Health? With INSPECTED, the LoCO Gives You a Handy, Dandy, Up-to-Date Interface Into Restaurant Inspections From the County Environment Health Division

September 2019

INTRODUCING: LoCO and Freddy Brewster are Taking Their Relationship to the Next Level

August 2019

HOUSEKEEPING: Bill Prescott, Local Mover/Shaker, is the New General Manager of Lost Coast Communications

July 2019

INTRODUCING: Veteran Crescent City Reporter Jessica Cejnar Joins the Outpost, Which Will be Covering Your Del Norte News Henceforth

May 2019

INTRODUCING: SPILLBOT!, the Friendly LoCO Robot That Lets You Know When Bad Stuff Goes Where it Should Not Go

April 2019

LETTER from the PRESIDENT: Lost Coast Communications Stands For Locally Produced, Locally Owned Media

December 2018

CRASH, BANG, BUSTED! Here Are the Top 25 Lost Coast Outpost Posts of 2018, as Measured by Site Traffic

August 2018

Swipe Up: LoCO Can Now Share Articles On Instagram

May 2018

INTRODUCING: Join Us in Welcoming Stephanie McGeary to Team LoCO

LoCO to COUNTY GOVERNMENT: Please Send Us All the Complaints That Your Employees Have Filed Against Their Bosses

April 2018

Here’s Why Your Lost Coast Outpost Experience Went a Little Haywire Around Lunchtime

February 2018

INTRODUCING: LoCO Push Notifications! Now You Can Have Us Give You a Buzz When Something Happens

January 2018

Introducing WARRANTED and RELEASED, the Newest Additions to the Outpost’s Team of Informative News Robots

December 2017

(VIDEO) Someone Wrote a Theme Song for the HUMBOLDT PAWS CAUSE and Reminded Us That the Internet Can Be OK

October 2016

INTRODUCING: LoCO What’s Cookin’?, Humboldt’s Visual Daily Restaurant Specials Menu

September 2016

INTRODUCING: Sierra Jenkins, the Outpost’s New Videographic Multimedia Correspondent

June 2016

SAD NEWS! #HumboldtCounty, LoCO’s Popular Daily Photography Battle, Has Been Murdered by Instagram

April 2016

Here’s Why the Lost Coast Outpost is Just Going to Keep Being Dicks For Now

March 2016

Introducing PATROLLED! The New Outpost Feature That Tells You What the Sheriff’s Office Was Up to Yesterday (and More)

February 2016

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Enjoy the Green Lock of Security in Your Lost Coast Outpost URL Bar! Unless You’re on a 15-Year-Old Computer

January 2016

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Your Lost Coast Outpost is Much Zippier Than Before, But There is a Downside

September 2015

INTRODUCING: SCANNER TRAFFIC INDICATES, the New LoCO Subsite That Tells You What Those Sirens Are For

August 2015

INTRODUCING WEED OR NO WEED: The Game Where We Find All the Weed in Humboldt County

July 2015

An Apology

June 2015

INTRODUCING: The Newest Member of Team Outpost, John Ross Ferrara

March 2015

INTRODUCING: #HumboldtCounty: LoCO’s Daily Instagram Battle

LoCO Says Goodbye to Kym Kemp

February 2015

Introducing … LoCO EARTH! presented by Lost Coast Outpost and Pacific Outfitters

January 2015

INTRODUCING: The Lost Coast Outpost’s New Publisher, Local Boy Shane Mizer

NEW FROM LoCO LABS: Choose Your Own Lost Coast Outpost Commenting Experience!

November 2014

Avoid Black Friday Death Tolls: Shop Local With the LoCO Holiday Shopping Guide!

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