A whale tangled in crab pots off the coast of Washington.

Unfortunately whales caught up in drifting nets and crab pots is not all that unusual. Just yesterday fishermen rescued a whale caught up in fishing line near Bodega Bay. 

Word from the beach today hits closer to home — reports have been coming in of a whale tangled up in crab pots near the South Jetty. The Coast Guard, along with other agencies and HSU experts are doing what they can to assist, and a “de-tangle” team is en route from San Francisco, our source says.

In the meantime, those at sea should steer clear of that area, which is as good a reason as any to remind folks of the existence of the Humboldt Bay bar cam. While you can’t see any whale/rescue action happening yet, you can keep an eye out for events to unfold later — or, in any case, watch the waves and boats from the safety of your couch.

Will post whale updates if/when they arrive.