September 2023

Three NorCal Tribes Announce Nation’s First Indigenous Ocean Protection Area

August 2022

Centerville Beach Has a Higher Rate of Cliff Collapse Than Anywhere Else on the California Coast, Study Finds

April 2022

Possibly the Largest Cruise Ship to Ever Dock in Humboldt Bay Will Arrive Next Week, Offloading Hundreds of Tourists Into Humboldt County

February 2022

(VIDEO) Simulation Shows How Tonga Tsunami Spread Across the Pacific

Beached Yacht Causes Months-Long Logistical Nightmare for National Parks Service; Federal Charges Filed Against Owner

June 2021

WINNING KID ART ALERT: McKinleyville Seventh Grader Wins Second Place in Online Art Contest Commemorating World Ocean Day

March 2021

Local Engineer to Star in National Geographic Ocean Exploration Series Produced By James Cameron

February 2021

This Child’s Reaction to a Cruise Ship in Humboldt Bay Will Make You Smile

January 2021

Humboldt Bay Entrance Channel Reopened After Fishing Boat Wrecked on the South Jetty Sunday

(VIDEO) The Ocean is Scary Right Now: Humboldt Locals Share Their King Tide, Monster Wave Footage

Dungeness Crab Season to Start This Week, After Fishermen and Seafood Processors Settle Price Negotiations

Keep Your Eyes on the Ocean! King Tides Early Next Week, Dangerous Surf Warning Over the Next Several Days

December 2020

(AUDIO) Local Experts Record Chorus of Humpback Whales Singing Same Song Off the Humboldt Coast

September 2020

That Orangish Stuff Sloshing Around the Shoreline Near Big Lagoon is Likely Non-Toxic Phytoplankton, Local Biologists Say

(VIDEO) Humboldt State Has Planted a First-of-its-Kind Commercial Seaweed Farm in Humboldt Bay

August 2020

Humboldt High Schoolers Remove Thousands of Nails Left Behind by Pallet Fires on Local Beaches

June 2020

Local Fishermen Reel in Monster Squid Off the Humboldt Coast

(AUDIO) Local Whale Expert Records Calls of Rare Transient Orcas Visiting Humboldt Waters

(VIDEO) More Orca Sightings Near Humboldt Bay

May 2020

(VIDEO) Whale, Hello There! Local Beachgoers Get Up-Close View of Whales Cruising the Shoreline Near Patrick’s Point

Eureka Man Reportedly Attacked By 18-Foot Shark While Kayaking in Shelter Cove; Local Fishermen Rescue Him From Icy Water

(PHOTOS) Killer Whales Spotted Feasting Off the Coast of Patrick’s Point

April 2020

There’s a Baller-Ass Yacht Docked in Humboldt Bay Right Now, But You Probably Shouldn’t Go Look at It

March 2020

Beachgoers, Beware: National Weather Service Warns of High Potential for Sneaker Waves This Weekend

January 2020

(VIDEO) Beachgoers Swept Off Feet by Moonstone Sneaker Wave

(VIDEO) King Tide Swallows Moonstone Beach

December 2019

Hallelujah!! Dungie Season is Starting Tomorrow and You May Soon be Able to Fill Your Bellies with Locally Caught Crab

(VIDEO) Surfer Wipes Out Trying to Ride Giants in Humboldt Bay Entrance Channel

Commercial Crab Season Delayed Until New Year’s Eve

Crab On! State Lifts Warning About Dungeness for Waters From Shelter Cove to Point Arena

November 2019

Commercial Dungeness Crab Season Delayed Throughout the North Coast Due to Poor Meat Quality

(VIDEO) Another Whale Washes Up in Humboldt, This Time at Agate Beach

October 2019

(VIDEO) They Buried That Dead Whale and Now Smelly Humpback Juice is Gurgling Up From Samoa Beach

Avoid the Beach: National Weather Service Says Sneaker Waves are Possible All Afternoon

UPDATE: The Sickly, Endangered Sea Turtle That Washed Up Near the North Jetty on Saturday is Showing Signs of Improvement; SeaWorld Might Be Its Next Destination, Marine Mammal Center Says

Hypothermic Sea Turtle Washes Ashore Hundreds of Miles From Home; Local Wildlife Care Providers Rush the Animal to Marin County for Treatment

August 2019

Some People Got Stuck on a Rock Near Trinidad When The Tide Came In, So They Waited For The Tide to Go Out

July 2019

NOAA Using Futuristic Sailing Drones to Study Fish Populations Along the North Coast

June 2019

BEACH BUMMER! Clam Beach Named One of State’s Most Polluted For Sixth Year Running

May 2019

County Health Experts Warn People to Stay Out of the Poopy Creek at Moonstone Beach

April 2019

Coast Guard Fixing Up Buoys at the Dangerous, Shoaled-Up Entrance to Humboldt Bay

Commercial Crabbing Season Officially Closed; Crabbers Say the Repercussions Will Be Devastating for Local Families

Emergency Dredge Arrives to Deepen Humboldt Bay Entrance Channel Ahead of Schedule

March 2019

Watch Out for Sneaker Waves Today, National Weather Service Warns

Watch Out For Sneaker Waves On Sunday, Weather Service Says

Fishermen Find Unmanned Jet Ski Floating in Humboldt Bay; Coast Guard Wants to Know if Someone was Seen Riding It

January 2019

LARGE SURF ALERT: Huge Waves, Coastal Flooding Expected Tomorrow; Centerville Road Closing Tonight

July 2018

Sector Humboldt Bay Patrol Boat Finds Ghost Ship Belonging to Couple Rescued From Rough Seas Off Washington Coast More Than a Month Ago

Twenty-Five-Foot Sailboat Stranded on Clam Beach; Conditions Look Unfavorable to Get It Back Out to Sea

(PHOTOS) There’s a Dead Shark Washed Up Near Ma-le’l Dunes

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