August 2019

Some People Got Stuck on a Rock Near Trinidad When The Tide Came In, So They Waited For The Tide to Go Out

July 2019

NOAA Using Futuristic Sailing Drones to Study Fish Populations Along the North Coast

June 2019

BEACH BUMMER! Clam Beach Named One of State’s Most Polluted For Sixth Year Running

May 2019

County Health Experts Warn People to Stay Out of the Poopy Creek at Moonstone Beach

April 2019

Coast Guard Fixing Up Buoys at the Dangerous, Shoaled-Up Entrance to Humboldt Bay

Commercial Crabbing Season Officially Closed; Crabbers Say the Repercussions Will Be Devastating for Local Families

Emergency Dredge Arrives to Deepen Humboldt Bay Entrance Channel Ahead of Schedule

March 2019

Watch Out for Sneaker Waves Today, National Weather Service Warns

Watch Out For Sneaker Waves On Sunday, Weather Service Says

Fishermen Find Unmanned Jet Ski Floating in Humboldt Bay; Coast Guard Wants to Know if Someone was Seen Riding It

January 2019

LARGE SURF ALERT: Huge Waves, Coastal Flooding Expected Tomorrow; Centerville Road Closing Tonight

July 2018

Sector Humboldt Bay Patrol Boat Finds Ghost Ship Belonging to Couple Rescued From Rough Seas Off Washington Coast More Than a Month Ago

Twenty-Five-Foot Sailboat Stranded on Clam Beach; Conditions Look Unfavorable to Get It Back Out to Sea

(PHOTOS) There’s a Dead Shark Washed Up Near Ma-le’l Dunes

June 2018

(PHOTO) These Humboldt Kids are Waving at You

Polluted Clam and Luffenholtz Beaches Land on Heal The Bay’s Top 10 ‘Beach Bummers’ List Once Again

REMINDER: Nana Can Cruise the Local Beaches in Style With These Sweet Beach Wheelchair Rentals Available at No Cost

May 2018

Check Out This 148-Foot Luxury Sailing Yacht Currently Anchored in Trinidad Harbor

(VIDEO) Humboldt CHP Tails Whales Off Trinidad Coast During Flight Training

March 2018

(VIDEO) Whale Friends Put on a Show for Fort Bragg Sightseers

January 2018

Sea Level Rise Will Mess Up Many Things: County Releases New Threat Assessment to Local Infrastructure

Sneaker Waves, High Surf Forecast for Humboldt Beaches Today

December 2017

KING TIDES COMING! Want to Spend Your New Year’s Day Doing Fun Citizen Science With the City of Arcata?

(UPDATE) More Info on Closure of 2018 Recreational Abalone Diving Season

Fish & Game Commission Shuts Down Recreational Abalone Fishing for Entire 2018 Season After Large Numbers Found Dead During Ocean Survey

October 2017

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Say No to Straws This November! Plus: Release of the the State of California North Coast’s Marine Protected Area Report

(VIDEO) Local Couple Sails Nonstop Across the Pacific Ocean From Humboldt Bay to Hawaiian Island of Kauai for One-of-a-Kind Vacation

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Beach Cleanup Retrospective! Plus: Did You Groms Know That Kelly Slater and Jack Johnson Were Totally in a Movie Together?

Surf’s Up: Hazardous 10 to 20 Foot Waves Will Whomp Humboldt’s Coastline This Weekend

September 2017

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Want to Check in on the State of the North Coast’s Marine Protected Areas?

(VIDEO) The Squabbling Has Ended and the Dredging Has Begun! After Bureaucratic Scrap, the City of Eureka is Finally Excavating the Gunk From the City’s Public Marina

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Coastal Cleanup Day This Saturday! Here Are a Bunch of Beaches That Need Your Help

August 2017

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Huffman Takes Ocean Protection Matters Into His Own Hands

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: We Shall Rid the Beaches of Trash and Grime and Greedy Billionaires!

July 2017

(PHOTOS) Whale Gives Beachgoers a Show Along Big Lagoon Seashore

(VIDEO) Majestic Whale Spews Rainbow From Blowhole

(VIDEO) Mola Mola Witnessed in Humboldt Bay, Bro

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Trump Looks to Expand Offshore Drilling; Local Fishermen to Talk Their Trade at Special Film Showing Saturday

June 2017

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Look at These Weird Beasties Lurking in Our Tidepools!

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Take a Bunch of Pretty Pictures of Humboldt Beaches Next Week… For Science!

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Trinidad School Students Study Sea Star Wasting

(VIDEO) Hundreds of Humboldt Youth ‘Come Together’ for Kids’ Ocean Day

May 2017

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Creature Carnage, Trash Islands and Coastal Tours

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: President Trump Signs Orders That Could Open the California Coast to Offshore Drilling

April 2017

Fail: Pickup Buried in Sand at Trinidad’s Launcher Beach

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: California Sea-Level Rise! Humboldt Whale Watching! Local Earth Day Beach Cleanups!

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Humboldt’s Upcoming Ocean-y Events!

March 2017

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Ocean Day Comes to Sacramento!

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Women of the Waves, We Salute You!

February 2017

YOUR WEEK IN OCEAN: Dredge Dumping Redux! Samoa Beach Proposed for Sludge Disposal Once Again

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