Once again, the total Chinook salmon counts coming out of our Eel River are high.  Friends of the Eel River just announced that at the Van Arsdale Fish Counting Station near Potter Valley (see here for interactive map which has older info but good map) the season total for Chinook salmon is at 13,070 fish which “surpasses any prior record” at this station.

In addition, the very first three steelhead of the season have been counted also.

Below is the Friends of the Eel River Facebook Status:

A total of 1,166 Chinook salmon entered the station this past week. The season total stands at 13,070: (1,611 male, 967 female, 492 jacks). This season total surpasses any prior record for Chinook salmon at this station.

A total of 3 steelhead (2 male, 1 female) entered the station this past week. These are the first steelhead of the season.