UPDATE 1:45 pm - Humboldt State’s Paul Mann responds to the Kimmel clip and discusses the importance of an academic look at marijuana.


“Does anybody conceive of the notion that Humboldt isn’t already saddled with this reputation? That’s obvious.

There isn’t anything about this institute that is going to harden Humboldt State or Humboldt County’s reputation. Indeed, it will speak of our ability to treat this matter in an enlightened and educated and informed way.” 

Mann also assures you that HSU will not be letting students major in weed.



UPDATE: 1:11 pm - Someone from Humboldt State will be live on KHUM in a few minutes to talk about the Institute and subsequent reaction.Tune in: 104.3 / 104.7 / khum.com


Late night host grabs the low-hanging fruit.