Photo from last year’s Emerald Cup


Growers, do you think the medical cannabis you tend is the best cannabis in the county, in the region, maybe even in the world?  Prove it and win a week long vacation, all expenses paid, in Jamaica. The Emerald Cup, which bills itself as the world’s longest running, outdoor, organic, medical cannabis competition, is accepting entries now. In addition, all entrants will have their strains tested and results provided for THC and cannabinoid levels. When they drop off an entry, they get one ticket for The Cup and a lamination badge as well.  Skunk magazine is devoting a follow-up issue highlighting the event. 

The entry consists of two ounces of medical outdoor cannabis. The drop-off locations are: Area 101 near Laytonville, HPRC (Arcata), Peace in Medicine in Santa Rosa, and Sebastapol.and SPARC (San Francisco). Tickets to the event are also available at various outlets throughout Northern California.

People have started dropping off their entries already as the first date to accept entries was November 1st. You have until December 1st to get your entries in. Check the website for drop-off points.  Remember, there are also awards for Concentrates, Oil Recognition, Photography, and Thickest Stalk.

This year, the event is being held at the Mateel Community Center in Redway. There will be music, Musical Sensation Chali 2na and The House of Vibe All Stars” as well as speakers and panels on subjects of interest to the cannabis community.

Rules below:


1)      Deadlines are definite. There will not be a grace period or late entries. All entries need to be on the premises of the drop-off local by 1pm of the deadline day. Any vehicle, person, or any manner of transportation for the entry not on the premises by the prescribed time will not be allowed to enter. This rule will be enforced.

2)      Only two (2) entries per Primary Grower may be entered. Each entry consists of two ounces (56 grams). The Primary Grower is defined as the person who is responsible for tending the garden and has spent at least 75% of the season at that one garden. Not the property manager …but the cultivator shall represent an entry. 

3)      If a Contestant’s entry wins an award, the Contestant may choose whoever they want to accept their Emerald Cup award on stage if the Contestant chooses not to be seen for any reason.

4)      Revealing any information knowingly about their entry by a contestant to a Judge, an acquaintance of a Judge or to their families or friends, is cause for immediate dismissal of entry.

5)      The Emerald Cup reserves the right to refuse any entry that doesn’t meet our criteria. Any mold, mildew, or trace of questionable chemicals is cause for immediate dismissal of entry. Any post-harvest additives such as kief or any other substance added to an entry is caused for immediate dismissal.  

6)      Once an entry is dropped-off, it then becomes the property of The Emerald Cup. It doesn’t matter how good the grower believes their medicine is, beside the lab results, the grower agrees to stand by the verdict of the judges of The Emerald Cup.

7)      Only outdoor responsibly grown Medical Cannabis will be accepted by The Emerald Cup. No indoor grown medicine allowed. All cultivators’ entries are expected to be grown with a low-negative impact to the garden and our environment. All Emerald Cup entries should incorporate only organic earth-friendly products and techniques in the cultivation of their medicine.   

As always, the winners of the Top Three places in all three categories will receive hand-blown glass trophies that go for around a couple of grand each.