There comes a time in every Humboldt County website’s life when it must squarely face the hard question: What to do about McKinleyville’s Jeff Lytle, the self-styled and third-personified “Henchman of Justice”?

Our logorrheic friend (pictured) isn’t exactly a troll, per se. He’s a well-meaning fellow with some loopy ideas that he has a hard time putting into words. But that doesn’t stop him from trying! Far from it! Undaunted by the so-called “thumber-downers” he continues on and on, each downvote further fortifying his self-image as a brave truth-teller whose message society simply cannot handle.

There have been many calls on the LoCO to ban the “Henchman” altogether. This is the path that many lesser websites have followed. Your Lost Coast Outpost is sympathetic to these calls, of course.

But what if there were a better way? What if we could rehabilitate the “Henchman”?

The problem with the “Henchman” is not that he holds vile opinions. The problem is that his fingers are faster than his cerebral cortex. We wish to say: Slow down, “Henchman”! Think it out! Hone your argument!

But for the reasons listed above, we cannot just say those things and expect them to have any effect. We have to mandate them. And that’s what’s happening as of right now. From now until further notice, the “Henchman” gets only one comment per day. After he makes that comment he is banned from commenting until midnight, at which point the clock resets.

Quality, not quantity! It is the LoCO‘s sincere hope that this new rate-limiting regime will result in sharper commentary from the “Henchman,” as well as the further flowering of his thoughts on politics and governance in Humboldt County.