Remember a couple weeks ago when you wanted to punch the world in the neck after reading the story that six puppies were left to die on the side of the road, trapped in a Rubbermaid bin in direct sunlight? That was some horrific business, right there.

Well don’t say your LoCO is above a feel good story — all it takes is an enthusiastic, wet/fuzzy face lick and we lose it, yo. Today one of the “Fortuna 6,” a now-healthy, gray, just-hyper-enough-to-not-be-annoying Border Collie mix named Monet, stopped by the LoCO offices to put an end to all productivity. She was adopted by the relative of one of our colleagues and we are happy to report that all of her siblings have also found homes. Hooray, right?!

Right. Now please enjoy this blurry picture of Monet getting her revenge on humanity by biting out KHUM DJ Mike Dronkers’ eyeball. Atta girl!