Tips from the Manila bulletin board. If you also live in a place populated by tiny blood-eating pests, this may help you, too:

Home residents frequently create their own mosquito problems. Mosquitoes carry dog/cat heartworm disease and potentially other diseases, like the West Nile virus. Simple things can be done to reduce the number of mosquitoes in one’s yard by eliminating all standing water. Large amounts of mosquitoes can be generated around the home with only small amounts of water.Mosquitoes can have many generations in one year and in the heat of the summer they can go from egg to adult in about a week! Here is a list of common objects or places that hold standing water:

1. Gutters. Rain gutters on houses tend to fill up with leaves and other things that clog the gutters. This material can cause gutters to hold water long enough to produce mosquitoes.

2. Hot tubs. Any pool is large enough to produce ample mosquitoes to bother the whole neighborhood. Keep your children’s pool full of clean water and make sure all swimming pools do not become full of algae or leaves. Pool covers can also hold a significant number ofmosquitoes. Some mosquito larvae hatch out in March, so these covers should be removed and the pools filled with chlorinated water as soon as practical in the spring or summer.

3. Tires. Old tires are notorious for producing large numbers of mosquitoes. If you are storing tires, put them in a shed or garage. If you have a tire swing, put a hole in the bottom of it so it cannot hold water.

4. Flower pots. Old flower pots or the dishes underneath the pot can hold enough water to produce mosquitoes.

5. Birdbaths/pet water dishes. Change the water weekly, and scrub the container.

6. Garbage and recycling cans. Make sure there are holes in the VERY bottom of your garbage can.

7. Tarps. Frequently people use tarps to cover items such as wood, boats or to make a fort. Always keep the tarp tight and drain any water off the tarp. Any depressions in the tarp can hold enough water to produce mosquitoes.

8. Boats. Any boat, or tarp covering a boat, can hold water. Make sure the plug in the bottom of the boat is open so water can drain from it. Or better yet, put your boat in the garage or turn it over so it can’t hold any water.

9. Tire ruts/depressions. Depressions that hold puddles after it rains can become mosquitobreeding ground. Fill depressions to level with surrounding area.

10. Other: buckets, soda cans, washing machines, old cars, refrigerators, watering troughs, bath tubs and basements.

Mosquitoes inside your house? Check your window screens to make sure there are no holes in them. Even small holes can allow a mosquito to enter the house. Mosquitoes can also be produced in the crawl spaces under your house or in your basement. Eliminate any standing water in these areas.