Photos provided by the Humboldt Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Humboldt Co. Sheriff’s Office Press Release:

On 08-13-2013, at approximately 8:00 a.m. the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office S.W.A.T. Team and assisted by the United States Forest Service, Cannabis Eradication and Reclamation Team and Trinity County Sheriff’s Office conducted an open field marijuana investigation on United States Forest Service land in the Bear Creek Drainage near the Humboldt County-Trinity County Line, in Humboldt County. When deputies arrived on scene they located a large marijuana growing operation containing 5,266 growing marijuana plants ranging in size from 1’ to 4’ in height. They also located an armed suspect in the garden who was arrested. The suspect was identified as Andres Montes-Deoca, 21 years old, from Mexico. When deputies arrested Montes-Deoca he was wearing a loaded 9 mm semi-automatic handgun.

Officers also located rodenticides and carbofuran in the garden site.

Montes-Deoca was arrested for cultivation and possession for sale of marijuana, armed in the commission of a felony and is currently being held without bail due to an Immigration and Customs Enforcement hold. Montes-Deoca has previously been deported.

Anyone with information for the Sheriffs Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriffs Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriffs Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.