The Yangtze Pioneer loading logs in Humboldt Bay (Photo by Walt Frazer)

LoCO likes to keep you apprised of interesting events in our area so today we give you a glimpse of our port. Usually Humboldt Bay seems like a kayaker’s paradise—relatively quiet and beautiful.  However, yesterday, the Yangtze Pioneer came north from Long Beach and is taking on a load of logs.  This gives our bay a bit of an international bustle. The ship’s destination is most likely China where it was expected to offload logs in Changshu this last June 23rd and will probably return there after loading up. 

According to the Facebook page of the Madaket, “The [Yangtze Pioneer] will be here through Sunday and is docked right along the Madaket’s cruise route. Step aboard the Madaket for a cruise this week and get a close up view of the ship!”