Humboldt County’s favorite drone operator is at it again! This time Chad Johnson outfits his ‘copter with some kind of special new gear that lets him shoot straight down and heads on up to Del Norte’s majestic Trees of Mystery.

I don’t really understand what’s going on here, so let’s have Chad explain it:

I was shooting some aerial for Japanese TV at Trees of Mystery, and got lots of amazing shots. I am not authorized to publish most if it, but the director allowed me to post my last flight of the day. I used my XP2 quadcopter, and a new gimbal to level the camera with giros, and I also have the ability to aim the camera down for some interesting perspectives.

But I can post my last flight! I’d love it if you threw it up on the LCO for a breather from all the serious stuff going on.

Done! To the tape!

No blue ox?