Photo of Bodhi Tree arrest by Andrew Goff


Yesterday, Bodhi Tree, suspect in the double homicide of Christina Schwarz (age 18 from Eureka) and Alan Marcet (age 27—known as Sunshine) appeared in court. John Hockett, who attended as family friend of one of the victim’s families, says Tree appeared in court with his public defender Jonathan McCrone.

A motion was made by the District Attorney to add the shooting on J St. in Eureka into the criminal complaint. There was no objection and the criminal complaint was amended to add the attempted murder of Rhett August (age 24). A preliminary hearing was set for 8:30 A.M. on Sept. 18th.

Hockett explained that the family was told by the prosecutor’s office that they believe Tree was hiding out in Arcata because of the earlier shooting. “They believe it was the same weapon used in both cases,” Hockett explained.