The Lost Coast Outpost‘s top read/clicked posts of the week July 27-Aug. 2 compiled with Google analytics:


1. Fatality Accident Near Fortuna

2. Travelers Have Sex in Redwood National Park A Lot

3. First Photos and Report From Near Orleans’ Dance Fire

4. Fire Closes Hwy 96 near Orleans-[Evacuations]

5. LoCO On the Pot: Dabs Will Blast Ya


1. Dead Fisher and Over a Ton of Fertilizers Found in Marajuana Cultivation Site

2. Large Law Enforcement Convoy Headed North out of Eureka

3. Meth, Heroin, Weed, Nine-Day-Old Child Taken Out of Christie’s Motel

4. What’s Up with the Smoke?

5. US Marshals Add Shane Miller to Most Wanted List