UPDATE 9:16 A.M.: KMUD did an interview with a Trinity Pines’ resident last night. Interview starts about 22 minutes into the newscast.

UPDATE 9 A.M.: Multiple agencies and 125 officers participated in yesterday’s raids!

Trinity Co. Sheriff’s press release:

On August 29, 2013 at approximately 7:00 am a Multi-Agency Narcotics Task Force implemented search warrants on 23 parcels in the Trinity Pines subdivision of Hayfork. The team was put together through North State Marijuana Investigation Team (NSMIT), Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Trinity County Narcotics Task Force after a long investigation into parcels that have been purchased and rented by for the purpose of cultivating marijuana for sales. Due to the ongoing investigation specific details of the search warrants and names of suspects will not be released until the investigation is completed.

The Multi-Agency Narcotics Task Force consists of approximately 125 sworn officers assisting in the operation.  

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There are multiple reports of a large law enforcement raid taking place in Trinity Pines yesterday. Humboldt County Sheriff’s Public Information Officer Steve Knight responded to a question early this morning confirming that Humboldt Co. Sheriff staff was “assisting Trinity Co. yesterday.”

Schoolteacher Tom Garten from Hayfork reported that the small Trinity County town was taken by surprise yesterday as law enforcement poured through the area. Residents, in numerous accounts to LoCO and to online sites, described large convoys of multiple agencies and raids in the Trinity Pines area.

Garten noted that the only sign he saw was an unmarked black helicopter. “My students saw it with me,” he wrote early this morning.

LoCO is waiting on a response from the Trinity Co. Sheriff’s Dept. for more details.

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