CHP Press Release:

On 12/17/2013, at approximately 1835 hours, a marked CHP unit was on patrol and traveling southbound on Redwood Drive, just south of West Coast Road.  When the unit observed a black Kawasaki sport motorcycle traveling northbound at approximately 72 mph.  The unit turned on the motorcycle and attempted to make an enforcement stop near the Majestic Center in Redway, CA.  The rider then looked back at the CHP unit and rapidly accelerated away from the marked unit.  The motorcycle began to drive erratically across both northbound and southbound lanes of Redwood Drive.

The motorcycle turned onto Briceland Road and began to travel westbound at speeds exceeding 70 mph.   The officer continued to follow in the general direction, until due to the wet roadway surface and the motorcyclist erratic driving creating a danger for himself and other motorists on the roadway, the officer reduced his speed and discontinued the pursuit at approximately 1841 hours. 

At approximately 1915 hours, the officer was advised by dispatch that a motorcycle had collided into a ditch on Old Briceland Road. He responded to the area and arrived on scene at approximately 1923 hours and observed the motorcycle, that he attempted to stop earlier, on its side and partially in the roadway.  The officer was met by a second CHP unit that arrived on scene and both units observed a unconscious male subject lying in the ditch next to the motorcycle.  Upon finding the rider not breathing and without a pulse both CHP units advised dispatch to have medical respond to assist.  Both officers than began to perform CPR on the unresponsive subject.  At approximately 1931 hours Briceland Fire arrived on scene and took over CPR and live saving efforts.  The driver succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced deceased at approximately 1951 hours by Briceland Fire.  No identifying information was found on the rider.  The Humboldt County Coroner’s Office responded to the scene and is working on identifying the male subject. 

The Garberville CHP is handling the collision investigation.