(Photo provided by Bob Ornelas)

UPDATE 12/23: LoCO spoke with Jill Duffy at the Transfer Station and she asked us to make sure that everyone knows that the station is glad to help remove marijuana trash.  It is far better, Duffy says, that the marijuana waste makes it to them than that it ends up in the Mad River Slough or some place comparable.

Feel free, she says, to discreetly tell the crew that bags contain green waste and don’t need to be opened for processing. 

Duffy says, please also bring “anything related that needs to be disposed of” (nutrient containers, pesticides containers, etc.) also.  

Don’t worry, she tells growers, the crew keeps your visit private.

There you have it, Humboldt. Pot is welcome at the Transfer Station. 

Original post: Pounds in the trash?  Does that happen anywhere except the Emerald Triangle? Yesterday, Bob Ornelas, owner of Arcata Construction Services, was at the Eureka Transfer Station when he watched the staff “slice open” some trash bags.  Revealing…(drum roll please) pounds of pot.  

Every day, marijuana stems probably get tossed at the station but, this time, according to Ornelas, the bags were full of “some very dry, mid level bud” as well as trim and stems. Ornelas described the product as “plants that someone had clipped all the big buds off of.”  

Is this a sign of the market glut and the tumbling price or merely the sign of a grower reaching the end of his or her rope with the trimming process?

“&*^&* it, I’m done spending every waking minute cleaning up this @^$@#^!”


The staff, Ornelas said, just laughed at the contents and then threw the bags out with the rest of the trash.

“At least,” he said, “[the grower] didn’t just throw it on the side of the road.”