Your Lost Coast Outpost, art lovers that we are, is sad to announce that a local artist has had a piece from her collection ganked from a public exhibition of her work.

Rae Elizabeth City was informed today that a section of her mixed media piece “Acceptance” was snatched from Redwood Curtain Brewery in Arcata. LoCO has obtained a photo (below) of the piece and a note from Rae pleading with the thief to return her not-for-sale art:

“I am struggling to find the words so please bear with me friends & fellow residents of Humboldt County. 

It was brought to my attention early this morning that the top panel of this diptych titled “Acceptance” has been stolen from Redwood Curtain Brewing Company. I am optimistic that we as a community can find the person(s) responsible and compel them to return this piece. The piece can be returned anonymously to Redwood Curtain, the Arcata Police Department, or the Eureka Police Department.

Please understand that this piece was not for sale because it holds significant sentimental value. Thank you for your support!”

(Above: Hmm. Don’t forget to read the fine print.)