Going to Arts Alive? Do not miss River As Home, opening this weekend at the Morris Graves Museum of Art. Curated by Bob Benson, dozens of multi-generational artists contributed to the museum’s first all-Native exhibit. 

Two years in the making and ten years in the dreaming, it marks an artistic milestone for the museum as well as a bucket-list moment for project coordinator Chag Lowry.

The exhibit spans environmental, traditional, and modern art themes. The first thing you see when you walk in is an enormous dugout canoe beneath a boarded roof, locking in the “River As Home” theme. 

“Everything we do is connected to art. The canoes, the spoons, the regalia… it’s all just made with beauty,” said contributor Amos Tripp. “There’s no ‘Let’s just do it and get it done’, it’s always ‘Let’s do it in a really beautiful way.”

River As Home runs February 2 through March 24.