Adam Foster began shooting with slow shutter speeds creating photos of light and darkness because he always loved the night scape photos other photographers had made of cities.  “Long exposure photos,” Foster explains, “allow you to escape the reality of what you are viewing, to see the world around you slowed down like a sort of suspended reality. It can be magic.”

He created the photo above in the area behind the Bayshore Mall known as “The Devil’s Playground.”  He took it by using a remote, while he stood in front of the camera holding a whisk stuffed with steel wool. “When the shutter was released,” Foster said, “I lit the steel wool on fire using a 9 volt battery and began to spin it in a circle. I used Lightroom to tone down some of the colors, such as the red hue from the streetlights, but the effect is straight out of the camera.”

Foster has a show on February 1st at Bartow’s Jewelery store in Fortuna for Arts Alive. The show will feature photos similar to the one above, along with lovely local landscape shots. His website is

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