About six weeks ago, late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel had some big yucks about the new Humboldt State Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research. Kimmel hauled out all the old campus gags for a three-minute segment on the subject.

The show left a scar on the Humboldt State psyche. A press release issued today makes public a letter sent by the university to the yuckmeister last month, in which Kimmel is invited to come on up to Humboldt to check out the redwoods and the Schatz Energy Lab and such. They haven’t heard back yet.

Big shocker. In the future, HSU might want to think about tailoring its pitch to its audience. This week’s Rolling Stone has Kimmel tripping his way around Los Angeles baked out of his gourd.

So, check it, Humboldt State. The Lost Coast Outpost is going to help you out. Come on up to Humboldt, Jimmy, and we will smoke you out solid for three days straight.

There you go!

Follows: HSU press release, along with a link to a letter cosigned by HSU President Rollin Richmond and Associated Students President Ellyn Henderson:

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Jimmy Kimmel, whose show recently featured a funny but misinformed segment about Humboldt State University, is tentatively scheduled to visit HSU and give a public presentation.

Kimmel, the host of JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE!, was invited to campus just before the holidays in a letter (PDF) from HSU President Rollin Richmond and Associated Students President Ellyn Henderson. They requested he speak at HSU’s upcoming Commencement Ceremonies on May 18. As an alternative, they offered him the opportunity to choose a convenient time during the Fall 2013 semester.

“You may not remember this,” they wrote, “but you recently got a few laughs on your show by talking about the new Humboldt Institute for Interdisciplinary Marijuana Research.”

They continued, “We thought some of your lines were actually pretty funny, as did many on campus. However, like many students and alumni, we also felt you shortchanged Humboldt State University, portraying all of our students as pot-obsessed slackers. That was not fair.”

Although Kimmel has not yet accepted–or, for that matter, even responded–the University is hopeful he will make the trip. Logistical planning has already begun.

HSU does not expect to incur expenses for Kimmel’s visit, beyond the HSU baseball cap that was sent with the invitation.

Henderson urges students and others to do what they can to politely encourage Kimmel to accept the invitation. He may be reluctant, or ABC may be too cheap to send him on a junket, so some polite nudges through Kimmel-branded social media might be in order.

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