UPDATE 4:55 P.M.: Monica Jaquez of Channel 3 News has more information on Facebook.

The CHP has confirmed that a vehicle found off of Hwy 299 contained a body. They are preparing a press release with more information. Readers have reported that this is an older accident that remained undiscovered for some time.  LoCO will update as soon as we receive information from the CHP.

UPDATE 8:15 A.M.  City of Eureka Press Release:

Skeletal remains located in Trinity County may be missing person Raymond Anderson; 63 year old Raymond Anderson was last seen at a Redding Motel on May 23rd, 2013 at about 0900 hours. He was driving a blue 1991 Chevy Caprice. Anderson was expected to drive back to Eureka on the same day. His cell phone was last used in Weaverville at about 1200 hours. Anderson was reported by friends as missing several days later.

Among the investigative efforts, the California Highway Patrol office in Redding flew both plane and helicopter along Highway 299 all the way to the coast. Anderson’s car was not located. 

On July 9th, a Cal Trans employee took an excursion off of Highway 299 down a steep embankment towards the Trinity River. The employee located Anderson’s car several hundred feet below Highway 299 in very thick underbrush. The vehicle was not visible from the air. Skeletal remains were found near the vehicle. 

The Trinity County Sheriff’s Department will handle the death investigation. The cause of death and an official positive identification will be determined by the Trinity County Sheriff Department. This process may take several weeks. 

The Trinity County CHP is handling the accident investigation. 

Based on the above listed circumstances, there is a strong likelihood the human remains belong to Raymond Anderson. Family members of Anderson’s have been notified of the new developments in this ongoing investigation.