Your latest installment of baby red pandaemonium: The Sequoia Park Zoo is now (kinda) letting visitors see their newest celebrity. The photo above features a television monitoring mama Stella Luna loungin’ in the den with her offspring which, uh, is one of those blobs, we guess (click the photo to enlarge the image and take your best guess). It’s in there somewhere, folks!

(The hombre on the right half of the screen is wise papa Sumo staying the hell away from whatever the red panda equivalent of changing diapers is.)

Anywho, if you do make a zoo jaunt, this screen is located past the panda exhibit in the barnyard behind the handwashing station. Now you know!

(OK, OK. You’ve come this far. Just look at this photo from a few weeks back of the baby at ten days old. There.)

(Photos courtesy the Sequoia Park Zoo.)

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