As long as we’re jawin’ about local politics this morning, your Lost Coast Outpost will briefly link you to the unfortunate tale of Sonoma County Efren Carrillo who was arrested Saturday — drunk and clad in only socks and underwear — after attempting to break into the house of a woman in his neighborhood. Oops.

OK, so what. Well, the reason the 32-year-old Santa Rosa native’s night out is notable to Humboldt politicos is that he is, or was, on the short list of hopefuls who are planning to slug it out over Wes Chesbro’s 2nd District state assembly seat when the Chezz terms out next year. One would assume dude’s chances are lower now. But, who knows?

So who might be smiling about all this? An April Press-Democrat article running down the very, very early list of potential candidates lists Carrillo, state senator Noreen Evans, Healdsburg city councilman/dentist Jim Wood, developer John Lowry, environmentalist Hezikiah Allen and our own supervisor Mark Lovelace. For the record, none are Republicans — get in there, boys!

Anywho, catch up on all the political intrigue at the P-D. Then forget about all this for at least a year.