Yesterday, the L.A. Times featured a piece looking at economic recovery in California. According to California’s Employment Development Department, the state’s unemployment rate fell from 10.6 percent in 2012 to 8.5 percent in June of this year — the most significant decline of all 50 states. Suck it, Texas.

Sure, sure. But we Humboldtians love it most when major news outlets talk about us. So! Feast your eyes on the L.A. Times-constructed “interactive map” below. In it you’ll find the five cities with the state’s lowest jobless rates (marked in lovely green) and the five with the highest (marked with evil red).

Now you’ll have to adjust the map size to see it (no love for NorCal) but that’s Ferndale with a green marker dropped lovingly on it, checking in at No. 2 (behind elitist first place Carmel-by-the-Sea) with a stunning 1.7 percent unemployment rate.

Holy cows! Can that be right? Well, it’s in the L.A. Times, therefore it’s fact. So let’s hear it for Ferndale, the job capital of Humboldt! Lookin’ for work? Maybe you should cross over Fernbridge. 

(ATTN: John Matthews)

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