In case you missed it the first time around, Eureka’s new Hikshari’-Elk River trail along the southern waterfront is mighty nice. In fact, you get maximum beauty for minimum effort. It’s almost like cheating. 

Officially opened in back April, it offers 1.5 miles of paved trail, perfect for jogging, biking, and watching wildlife. You can enter at the foot of Truesdale or further south at rideshare lot by Herrick at 101.

The trail is level, wide, and smooth. Jogging strollers would love it. Interpretive signs along the way give you more to look for. 

Let’s be honest: that trail used to be a little sketchy, what with people occasionally staggering out of the bushes and litter dotting the trail. Today, however, the large homeless camps and associated garbage were nowhere to be seen.

Instead, happy kids and their parents rode bikes past runners and birders. Benches were used for staring across the bay. One woman was merrily rollerskating back and forth, reminding us all that everything’s cooler on skates. 

What Hikshari’-Elk River lacks in length is made up for in scenery. Native blackberry bushes grow overhead, harriers prowl the sky, and marsh cottontails scamper along the trail. 

QUIZ: All those mega-rabbits on the Elk rivermouth spit have no source for drinking water. How do they survive? (Answer below)

Eventually, the plan is to link the Hikshari’-Elk River trails up to a 6.5 mile waterfront trail. Look out, Hammond trail. 

If you want a step-by-step review, check out Complete Street Advocate’s post on the trail. Or, pop down to southern Eureka and check it out for yourself. 

Better yet, leave us your own review below!


[ANSWER: The rabbits get their water mainly from the plants they feed on. That, and the occasional puddle.]