Eureka Rising

August 2021

Famous Sex Pundit Dan Savage Gives Shoutout to Eureka’s Gazebo-ner on Latest Episode of ‘Savage Lovecast’

June 2021

OUT of SIGHT! The City of Eureka Wants to Help Beautify Opera Alley by Moving Dumpsters Into a Mural-Covered Enclosure

April 2021

(VIDEO) SKY WALK TIME! Zoo Members Will Be Allowed on the New Redwood Skywalk Starting This Weekend

Large ‘Welcome to Eureka’ Landscape Sign Will Soon Greet Drivers at the City’s South Entrance

August 2020

REDWOOD SKY WALK UPDATE: Construction Underway for the Hanging Walkway of Eureka’s Dreams

March 2020

(PHOTOS) Get Pumped for the Freshly Named ‘Redwood Sky Walk’

February 2020

Contruction of Sequoia Park Zoo’s ‘Redwood Canopy Walk’ Will Start Next Month; Project Should be Complete by September

July 2019

EUREKA hearts COASTIES! August is Coast Guard Month, and We Will Celebrate With Ice Cream and Barbecue and Softball

May 2019

Now With a ‘More Adventurous’ Design, Sequoia Park Zoo’s ‘Redwood Canopy Walk’ Project is One Step Closer To Reality

April 2019

(PHOTOS) Eureka’s First Salt and Fog Fish Festival!

October 2018

Eureka In-N-Out Location in the Works; The Longtime Fast Food Rumor is One Step Closer to Reality

(VIDEO) Join Miles Slattery on a Tour of Eureka’s Recently Revamped Hammond Park

August 2018

(VIDEO) Join Miles Slattery at the Newly Renovated Del Norte Street Pier Park

(PHOTOS) The Eureka Street Art Festival Pays Tribute to LoCO Art Critics

July 2018

MORE MURALS! Here’s a Sneak Peak at Some of the Proposed Imagery for Eureka’s Street Art Festival

June 2018

(VIDEO) NOW OPEN! Please Join Miles Slattery Inside Old Town Eureka’s Newly Remodeled Public Restroom

February 2018

Eureka! Go Walk, Bike and/or Rollerblade on Your Awesome New Trail

June 2017

DELIVERED! Oodles of ‘I Like Eureka’ Stickers and Condoms Mysteriously Mailed to LoCO!

July 2016

Eureka Wins $125k Grant, Will Spend Money on New Playground, Restrooms

March 2016

(PHOTOS/VIDEO) Ahoy, Eureka! Your Second Parklet Sets Sail to Oyster and Beer-Filled Destinations

February 2016

(VIDEOS) Local Man Uses Spherical Camera Technology to Immerse Viewers in Humboldt’s Beauty

Eurekans Gather to Envision a Future Version of Their City

Let’s Check Out These Architectural Designs for Eureka’s Future Waterfront

January 2016

Parklets are HAPPENING, Eureka! (PHOTOS)

October 2015

LoCO Sports: Kids Invade Eureka Waterfront for Cross-Country Run (PHOTOS)

September 2015

Get Ready For ‘Parklets,’ Eureka: Four Tiny Public Parks Coming to Old Town

August 2015

Eureka Council to Consider New Tools to Evict Homeless, Seize Their Stuff

Party For Your Right to Fight: Eureka Event Seeks to Channel City’s Outrage Over Crime

July 2015

Here’s Your Shot to Help Design Eureka’s Waterfront

April 2015

LOOK! Eureka’s Tribute to the Bluetooth Earpiece That Could Soon Grace the City’s South Entrance

VIDEO: Look How Happy These Dogs Are About the Grand Opening of the Eureka Dog Park

Eureka Dog Park Countdown: One Week

September 2014

Sanctuary Sunday, Hikshari’ Happiness, Eureka Excellence!

VIDEO: Branch-Cutting Ceremony Celebrates McKay Community Forest

July 2014

Undressing the Carson Block Building

May 2014

Eureka Police Chief’s Top 10 Quotes from Yesterday’s Human Rights Commission Meeting

April 2014

Eureka Awarded $5.3M Grant to Restore Carson Block Building

Survey: Are Eureka’s Homeless Bothering You?

March 2014

Let’s All Figure Out What Eureka’s Neighborhoods Are

November 2013

LUNCHED: Ethiopian International Café

September 2013

Eureka Books Would Like You To Tell Them How To Paint Their Building

July 2013

You’re Officially On Notice, Hammond Trail

June 2013

Why Do You Hate Eureka?

May 2013

Hmm … What’s In The Bag?

April 2013

McKay Tract: I’m Yours?

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