Red-hot breaking news from the “Humboldt Bay Eagles” Facebook group! Eagle Superfan Ja Pichler writes:

WHOO HOOO!!! We have a visual confirmation from Justhum Hum that BOTH eaglets are in tree locations off the nest that could only be reached by FLIGHT. We had two fledges today, confirmed, for our beloved Kyle and Stormy! May they show up on the cams often, always to amaze us, and continue to be the most entertaining eaglets in Humboldt Bay eagle history! *CLINK* and cheers to our fledglings!

This is the glorious culmination of the countywide Eaglemania that has gripped us all since the spring, when the avian stars of Humboldt County’s most beloved reality show went and laid an egg

Our girls are all grown up now!

Several Eaglefreaks have put together tribute videos marking this momentous day. Let’s take a look!

From priscillash1:

From knarley123

From jashcroft_AG: