July 2022

Missing Humboldt Redwoods State Park Hikers Located After Dark After Failing to Arrive at Trailhead at Established Meetup Time

June 2022

Elk River Estuary Enhancement Project Breaks Ground; 114 Acres of Eureka Wetland to be Restored

May 2022

GROVE of TITANS: New Trail Opened Through Ancient Jed Smith Redwoods

DISCOVERY: Redwood Trees Use Two Completely Different Types of Leaves to Manage Sunlight and Water Intake, UC Davis and Cal Poly Humboldt Scientists Say

April 2022

(PHOTOS) BURL THEFT! Can You Help Park Rangers Identify These Wood-Nappin’ Bums?

March 2022

Permit System to Limit Number of Cars Entering Fern Canyon and Gold Bluffs Beach During Peak Months; Entrance Fee Increased

Yeah, You Can’t Just Carve Up a National Forest and Not Expect Consequences

October 2021

(UPDATING, DELAYED) WATCH LIVE: Majestic Six Rivers National Forest Tree ‘Sugar Bear’ Being Cut Down to Fulfill Its Destiny

Treasured Local Star Sara Bareilles Shows Love for ‘Sugar Bear,’ the Fir from the Six Rivers Forest that Will Be This Year’s U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

‘Sugar Bear,’ the Local 84-Foot White Fir Selected to Be This Year’s U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree, Will Be Sawed Down Live on Facebook Later This Month

(VIDEO) Humboldt County Naturalist ‘Griff’ Takes His Dance Moves to TikTok to Spread the Word About Biodiversity Loss

July 2021

Joe Biden’s Congress’s Demand for Tribute From Our Local Life-Giving Forests Has Been Fulfilled: ‘Sugar Bear’ the 84-Foot White Fir Will Serve as the 2021 U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree

June 2021

(VIDEO) Funny, Informative Internet Botanist Returns to Humboldt, Discusses Native Plants and Checks Out Some Roosevelt Elk Butts

(VIDEO) Humboldt Redwoods State Park Naturalist ‘Griff’ Talks Viral Bear Pushing Video, Gives Tips on How to Handle a Bear Encounter

April 2021

Beloved Intertubes Botanist With a Chicago Accent Partners With Humboldt Field Guide Publisher on Streamable ‘Blue-Collar’ Lecture Series

March 2021

NO SPRING PICKING: City of Arcata Reminds Forest-Goers To Not Touch the Fragile Trillium Flowers

Local Engineer to Star in National Geographic Ocean Exploration Series Produced By James Cameron

February 2021

This Year’s U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Will Come From the Six Rivers National Forest

January 2021

(VIDEO) Humboldt Redwoods State Park Naturalist ‘Griff’ Riffs About the Connection Between Spotted Owls, Flying Squirrels, Old-Growth Trees and Truffles

December 2020

(VIDEO) Humboldt Redwoods State Park Naturalist ‘Griff’ is Back With a Holiday Special on Christmas Trees

Green Diamond Announces State Funding for New, 552-Acre McKinleyville Community Forest

(AUDIO) Local Experts Record Chorus of Humpback Whales Singing Same Song Off the Humboldt Coast

July 2020

Green Diamond Asks Locals to Stay off the Strawberry Rock Trail For a While Due to Logging Operations in the Surrounding Area

April 2020

Some Arcata Marsh Trails Are Now One-Way to Help You Stay Six Feet Apart From Other Humans

December 2019

U.S. Forest Service Slashes Price of Firewood Cutting Permits to $2 a Cord in Hopes of Reducing Wildfire Fuel in Six Rivers National Forest

October 2019

Why are They Draining the Sequoia Park Duck Pond, You Ask?

June 2019

Check Out This 59-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Who’s Swimming the Eel River From Benbow to the Ocean

Got These Useful Native Plants on Your Land? Want to Share Them With Wiyot Tribal Members?

FIELD TRIP! 1,000 Humboldt Kids Had a Fun, Productive, Educational Time at the Beach Today

May 2019

(VIDEO) Orca Pod Spotted in Humboldt Bay This Morning

Missing Strawberry Rock Hiker Found Safe

July 2018

Long-Closed Section of California Coast Trail Reopens This Friday

May 2018

You Are Once Again Cleared for Elk River Trail Excursions

April 2018

‘Modest’ Fee Hikes Coming to National Parks to Cover Mounting Maintenance Costs

January 2018

Check Out This Photo of a Giant Salamander Munching on a Banana Slug in Redwood National Park

November 2017

Department of Fish and Wildlife Awards $1.3 Million in Grants to Restore Humboldt County Watersheds Affected by Cannabis Cultivation

August 2017

(PHOTOS, VIDEO) HOW’S YOUR ECLIPSE? Coastal Humboldt is Socked In, But People Are Flocking Inland to Get Views

July 2017

Photo Series: Humboldt County Wildlife In June

June 2017

Introducing Humboldt’s Flying Squirrel, a Newly Discovered Species of Rodent That Glides Through Our Forests

April 2017

(VIDEO) Curious Baby Black Bear Does a Climb

March 2017

Attention, Humboldt Sightseers! You Probably Shouldn’t Get this Close to a Wild Elk

(VIDEO) Lions and Bobcats, and Bears, Oh Yes! Trail Cam Captures Rarely-Seen Wildlife in Headwaters Forest Reserve

February 2017

Downed Old Growth Redwood Triggers Earthquake Sensor in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

January 2017

Obama Adds Three Humboldt Sites to California Coastal National Monument

November 2016

Once Again You Can Access All California State Parks For Free on Previously-Black-Now-Green Friday

April 2016

You Can Visit Every National Park For Free April 16-24

January 2016

County Receives Nearly $2M to Restore Fish Migration in the Salt River Coastal Watershed

November 2015

(VIDEO) Documentary on Tsunami Boat That Brought Together High Schools in Crescent City and Japan

Would You Hate Black Friday Less if They Made California State Parks Free?

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