Doug Bryan of the Southern Humboldt Fire Chiefs Association Public Information Team is reporting that there is a fire in the Red Mountain area of Northern Mendocino and one on the eastern side of Reed Mountain in Southern Humboldt.  Fire resources are responding and some are at the scene.  They appear to be related to lightning strikes.

UPDATE 4:05 P.M:  Two more fire reported by Bryan.  One in Harris and one in the Jewett Rock area.

UPDATE 10:50 P.M.: Doug Bryan gave the following update on the fires:

There were three reported fires in the sohum area, 1) east of reed mt/west of bells springs, duggan (sp?) mill area, 2) red mt area, 3) the coordinates I heard placed the third fire appx 15 miles SE of Zenia, as opposed to the reported 1.5 miles south of Jewett Rock. There were five reported fires in Mendo, 1 in Fort Bragg, 4 in Nor Mendo, various locations.