December 2022

(VIDEO) Removal of Obsolete Concrete Dam on South Fork Eel Tributary Opens Nine Miles of Wild Fish Habitat

November 2022

Elk Poachers Leave Meat-Encased Lead Fragments in Easy Reach of Condors, Yurok Tribe Says

MORE CONDORS! The Yurok Tribe and Its Partners are Gonna Try to Put Some More Birds in the Sky Tomorrow Morning

October 2022

HUMBOLDT BAYWATCH: This Incredibly Gross and Yet Totally Amazing Creature Lives Its Life Hooked Onto Whales and Eats Dead Whale Skin All Day

September 2022

HUMBOLDT BAYWATCH: Thatcher Ants Rule Everything Around Me

Adorable Ringtail Who Fell Down a Chimney in Hoopa Released Back to Nature by the Humboldt Wildlife Care Center

Uh, Check Out This Goofy Photo of One of the Sequoia Park Zoo’s Greater Rheas (And Also Note the Zoo Foundation Has a New Executive Director)!

Klamath River Fish Kill Caused by Storm and Wildfire Activity, Says Forest Service

HUMBOLDT BAYWATCH: It’s Migratory Shorebird Season!


HUMBOLDT BAYWATCH: Egrets? I’ve Had a Few

July 2022

Return of the Sea Otters? Fish & Wildlife Study Finds Reintroduction of the Species Is Feasible on West Coast

BETTER KNOW A PREY-GO-NEESH: Up Close and Personal With Your New Condor Neighbors

Fourth and Final Condor to Be Released on North Coast Tuesday Morning

June 2022

(VIDEO) An Orca Pod Cruised Humboldt Bay on This Blessed Day

May 2022

(UPDATE) A Third Condor Will Be Released Into North Coast Skies on WEDNESDAY Morning

(VIDEO) Humboldt Redwoods State Park Naturalist ‘Griff’ Talks Reintroduction of the California Condor and Its Importance to Local Tribes

Minimizing Wildlife Conflict: A Conversation With Humboldt Wildlife Care Center/Bird Ally X Director Monte Merrick

(WATCH) Here is the Moment Two Condors Took Flight Above Northern California For the First Time in Over a Hundred Years

The First Two Condors to Fly Over Northern California in a Century Will Be Released Tuesday Morning and You Can Livestream It

April 2022

Couple Loads Baby Seal They Found Under Samoa Bridge Into Their Car in an Aquarium

HUMBOLDT BAYWATCH: Those Gray Whales are Hanging out in Humboldt Right Now, and We Should Talk About Them

March 2022

(VIDEO) WHALE CALL! Watch a Humongous Beast of the Deep Blow its Blowhole at Local Kayakers

HUMBOLDT BAYWATCH: Consider the Turkey Vulture

(AUDIO) The Yurok Tribe Will Reintroduce Four Young Condors Into Their Ancestral Skies This Spring

January 2022

(VIDEO) Massive Herd of Roosevelt Elk Crosses Snowy Ridge, Then Changes Its Collective Mind, Heads Back

November 2021

Bureau of Reclamation Awards Additional $2.7 Million to Improve Recovery of Threatened Coho Salmon in the Klamath River Basin

October 2021

(PHOTO) Dead Humpback Whale Found on Humboldt Beach

Remember Those Colorful Arty Otters? Those Raised $300,000 For Otter Research, Believe It Or Not

September 2021

Dead Gray Whale Washes Up on Samoa Beach

August 2021

(VIDEO) Mountain Lion Spotted Thursday Morning in Eureka

July 2021

DON’T FEED ‘EM: Disease Outbreak Hits California’s Deer Population

Headed to the Beach for the Fourth of July? Please Respect the Snowy Plover Nesting Grounds!

June 2021

(VIDEO) COUGAR ALERT: Arcata Mountain Biker Has Close Encounter of the Furred Kind

TOUGH PUFFIN: A Rare Bird Sighting in Trinidad Harbor

Klamath Trinity Spring Chinook Salmon Added to California Endangered Species List

(VIDEO) Humboldt Redwoods State Park Naturalist ‘Griff’ Talks Invasive Species and the ‘Trifecta of No Thanks’

(VIDEO) Humboldt Redwoods State Park Naturalist ‘Griff’ Talks Viral Bear Pushing Video, Gives Tips on How to Handle a Bear Encounter

Beware of Ticks and Stay on Designated Trails, City of Arcata Reminds You

The Oldest Western Snowy Plover in Recorded History is About to Turn 20! Friends of the Dunes Asks You to Celebrate By Submitting Art

May 2021

Catastrophic Juvenile Fish Kill Unfolding on the Klamath River, Yurok Tribe Declares

April 2021

WARNING! Lewiston Dam Release to Drastically Increase Water Flow on the Trinity River This Week

March 2021

Three Fined Thousands of Dollars for Taking 20 Undersized Dungeness Crabs Out of Season at Del Norte Pier in Eureka, CDFW Says

December 2020

(AUDIO) Local Experts Record Chorus of Humpback Whales Singing Same Song Off the Humboldt Coast

October 2020

(VIDEO) Humboldt Redwoods State Park Naturalist ‘Griff’ Talks Viral Cougar Sighting in Utah, Gives Tips on How to Avoid a Mountain Lion Attack

September 2020

Karuk Scientist Talks to NPR About How Indigenous Burning Methods Could Help Prevent Massive Wildfires

June 2020

(AUDIO) Local Whale Expert Records Calls of Rare Transient Orcas Visiting Humboldt Waters

(VIDEO) More Orca Sightings Near Humboldt Bay

May 2020

(VIDEO) Whale, Hello There! Local Beachgoers Get Up-Close View of Whales Cruising the Shoreline Near Patrick’s Point

Eureka Man Reportedly Attacked By 18-Foot Shark While Kayaking in Shelter Cove; Local Fishermen Rescue Him From Icy Water

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