To many Humboldtians, Willits is predominantly a place where a brief, internal “taco or burger” debate is waged as part of a trip down the 101 to catch a more dependable flight. Well, perhaps you should watch the following impressively thorough news report courtesy of Nick Monacelli of Sacramento’s ABC News 10 — a rising star if ever there was one. It may influence your future decisions. It seems, sometimes, Willits’ fast food restaurants let razor blades slip into their hamburgers. Specifically, between the cheese and the meat.

Hear 46-year-old Yolanda Orozco’s chilling tale below and then ask yourself this question: If we don’t build that Willits Bypass, am I next?

(Note: ABC News 10’s videos don’t appear to load so well on mobile devices. You can try here. Might work.)