The comment section on LoCO can be a source of good information and it can be a rather horrifying place. It depends on what is posted and how it is posted. Below is a reminder of the guidelines we ask you to follow. 

But before you look at the guidelines, you might want to take some time to identify which Flame Warrior fits you best. The site shown in the screenshot has compiled a rather funny list. Do the LoCO admin’s fit the description here?  What is the title of that commenter who annoys you the most? Click Begin to go through the whole list.

Guidelines for posting comments

We want you to respond and add information. This is helpful to the whole community. However, some types of comments make communication difficult. We have been formulating our policy on comments and ask you to stick to these guidelines.

1. No threats.

2. No insults. (Particularly no racist, sexist, or homophobic taunts. Stick with things you don’t like about an idea not blanket statements about the person communicating the idea.)

3. No naming an individual as guilty of a crime they haven’t been accused of committing by law enforcement (and we encourage you to remember that until a court has found someone guilty, an accused person is considered innocent.)  

4. Make sense. (We are cognizant of the fact that all of us can fail to communicate but continued and frequent incoherence will get you a warning followed by a reduction in your ability to post.)