The pitch ‘til now has always been that goofy as they may be, the East-West Train Feasibility Study people proudly refuse to spend public money on the issue. That has always been false, of course, but it’s been a big selling point.

But now the Eureka City Council has called a special emergency meeting in order to hustle up and apply for a bunch of public money to the selfsame goofballs — including, of course, vaunted former City Manager Dave David Tyson, who essentially spent his last year on the job engineering the city’s sponsorship of this whole scam-slash-flight of fancy.

How much money? About $300,000. Where would it coming from? The California Department of Transportation, which has a grant program for transportation planning with an applications deadline of this Tuesday. Read all about it here.

When’s the meeting and where? Eureka City Hall, 11:30 a.m. tomorrow (Friday). If you don’t mind that no one will listen to you, come out for public comment and give a three-minute speech to yourself!