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CONTEST! Who Can Identify All the Symbols on Hitchhiker Kai’s New Face Tattoo?

UPDATE: Kai Wanted For Murder In New Jersey (AUDIO)

Kai the Homefree Hitchhiker, Humboldt County’s most famous person, just got a new tattoo, y’all! As you can see below, it’s a swirling miasma of mystical symbolism perfectly befitting a man of Kai’s guru-like qualities.

Take a good look, here, and then join me below the photo for a discussion:

Now, I count at least a dozen symbols on this thing. Some of them are easy. Infinity sign — that’s a gimme.

But what are all the rest? What is Kai trying to tell us?

Let’s figure it out — together!

I’m going to make this thing into a contest. Enter your theories in the comments below. I’m going to pick a winner, and that winner will win something — an actual, physical thing. Points for identifying the hardest-to-identify symbols and for developing the most persuasive overarching theory of what Kai is trying to say.

And it all starts … now!



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