April 2024

CULTURE PLAYER: The Cowtown Serenaders Prepare to Hit the Road With a New Show About Community in Times of Natural Disaster

March 2024

CULTURE PLAYER: Mary Ann Hytken Wants to Teach You English!

August 2022

‘A Festival of Joy’: HAPI to Host Humboldt’s First Japanese Obon Festival, Celebrating and Honoring the Spirits of the Dead

June 2022

Trans-Owned Bakery Patches’ Pastries Sets Up Shop at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds as Sit-Down Cafe

February 2022

For Black History Month, Ferndale Reverend Calls BLM ‘Evil’ and Says the Movement is ‘Built on Sin’

December 2021

WATCH: Humboldt Crab Fisherman Zip-Ties a GoPro Camera Inside a Crab Pot; Feeding Frenzy Ensues

October 2021

Eureka Chinatown Project to Name Alley ‘Charlie Moon Way’ in Honor of Humboldt’s Legendary Chinese Immigrant

July 2021

SCOOTER CANNONBALL: Riders Roll into Eureka After Grueling 10-Day Race Across the Country

February 2021

(PHOTOS) Humboldt County Black Music and Arts Association’s Celebration and March in Eureka

YOUNG AND FREE: New Nonprofit Looks to Showcase Resilience with Harambee Liberation Month Events

May 2020

CRAVING CULTURE? Dell’Arte Has an Amazing Season of Student Work Available for You Online Over the Next Few Weeks

March 2020

Local Drag King Tucker Noir Talks Club Triangle’s New ‘Online Festival,’ How COVID-19 Lockdown Affects the Queer Community

May 2019

The Library is Beefing Up its Holdings on Thailand, China and Other Asian Countries, Thanks to a Private Donor

January 2019

The Epidemic: How Nicotine Infiltrated Teen Culture (a Story from the Arcata High Pepperbox)

September 2018

(PHOTOS) Classic Cars Take Over Old Town

April 2018

Eureka NAACP to HSU: Stop Recruiting Students From Communities of Color Until Substantial Support is Implemented

December 2016

(VIDEO, PHOTOS) Recent Erosion Leaves the Centerville Beach Cross Teetering on the Edge of a Cliff

THOSE SIRENS! The Eureka Police Department Took About 60 Kids Out Shopping for Christmas Presents This Morning

September 2016

Multiple Eureka High Schoolers Hospitalized After Consuming Psychedelic Seeds

Petition With Six Pages of Signatures Led to Closure of Garberville Town Square

June 2016

Own a Piece of Eureka’s Skeevy History: The Schooner Saloon Hosts Liquidation Sale to Clear Way for New Bar

November 2015

(VIDEO) ‘Let’s Get the Hell Out of Eureka,’ Says Traveling YouTube Star After Surviving Crime Gauntlet

October 2015

(PHOTO) Man Puts Wheels on Jet Ski, Rides to Swains Flat Store

September 2015

Off-Campus College Parties Too Large, Loud, Dangerous, Says Dean of Students

August 2015

PHOTOS: An Outsider’s Images Capture the ‘Deeply Complicated’ Cultures of Humboldt County

July 2015

Rejoice, Film Lovers: With the Opening of the Miniplex, Humboldt Finally Has an Art-House Theater Again

Battle Over Confederate Flags and Names Comes to the North Coast

SoCal Senators Get to Know the North Coast

May 2015

(VIDEO) ‘American Ride’ Biker TV Show Roars Through Humboldt County

‘The Price of Trevor’s Life’ - Kimberly Steele Talks About the Pot Deal That Left a Man Dead

In Shelter Cove, Cultures Collide on Either End of a Disputed Coastal Trail

February 2015

Your Day in Ocean: Meet Senator McGuire

January 2015

EPD Releases Description of Fresh Freeze Robbery Suspect

September 2014

‘A Neofeminist Deconstruction of Female Identity in the Weed Industry as Expressed in an ‘Underground’ Hip-Hop Video,’ or, ‘Bitches Be Crazy’

Bell Ceremony in Remembrance of 9/11

August 2014

Hollywood Thinks Humboldt Would Make a Good Reality Series…

February 2014

Sara Bareilles Sang at the White House Tonight

July 2013

Saving the Ferndale Bridge

May 2013

See Chad Johnson’s New Springtime Quadcopter Vids

April 2013

Willow Creek The Town is About to Be Considerably More Famous Thanks To Willow Creek The Movie

March 2013

Eureka’s Own Amy Stewart Hits Morning Edition With New Book

Massive Community Forest Planned For Eureka

CONTEST! Who Can Identify All the Symbols on Hitchhiker Kai’s New Face Tattoo?

September 2012

As Tragedy Strikes, Community Responds

Don’t Let Your Doggies Eat Your Weed

Helicopter-Cam Man Chad Johnson Blinds Thomas Dolby With Redwoods

August 2012

SPAWN OF HIPPIE! A Horrifying Peek Behind the Scenes at a Typical Backwoods Childhood

Restaurant Review: Arcata’s Pho Hoang

July 2012

Get Ready, Next-Thinking Brainscapers! TED Talks Come to Humboldt!

June 2012

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