UPDATE 11:23 P.M.:  There was a total of 5 earthquakes near Petrolia today. Redwood Tsunami Workshop posted the following on their Facebook page.

Here’s an update on today’s sequence of small earthquakes near Cape Mendocino after further review by seismologists:
M 3.9 2:03 pm 6 miles WSW Petrolia
M 2.5 2:05 pm 5 miles WSW Petrolia
M 2.5 5:30 pm 6 miles WSW Petrolia
M 2.6 9:19 pm 4 miles WSW Petrolia
plus two magnitude 1.9 earthquakes. 
It’s not unusual for magnitudes and locations to chnge slightly upon further review.

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Two small earthquakes occurred approximately 30 kilometers southwest of Rio Dell.The USGS says the first was a 3.9 and the second is a 2.8.