October 2023

The California Earthquake Authority — Yes, That’s a Thing — Would Like to Hear About Your Experience of Last Year’s Quakes in Order to Serve You Better

July 2021

Small Tsunami Waves Measured Along the Humboldt Coast After 8.2 Earthquake Hit Alaska’s Aleutian Islands Last Night

June 2019

DOUBLE EARTHQUAKE (UPDATE: OR ONE?)! Humboldt Visited by a Pair of Saturday Night Shakers

March 2019

(VIDEO) Local Seismology Expert Lori Dengler Answers Your Scariest Earthquake Questions for Tsunami Preparedness Week

February 2019


Noted Earthquake Expert Ross Stein on the ‘Superbowl Swarm’ of Earthquakes, What It Means or Doesn’t Mean, and What You Should Do to Prepare

January 2019

Multiple Shmedium-Sized Earthquakes Rattle Petrolia

November 2018

Massive Earthquake Strikes Alaska; No Tsunami Threat for Humboldt

July 2018

Flurry of Strong Quakes Strike 100 Miles Off the Humboldt Coast

December 2016

PG&E: If You Happen to Smell Gas After That Earthquake…

Lori Dengler On Today’s 6.5 Earthquake

(UPDATE: AFTERSHOCKS!) EARTHQUAKE! 6.8 6.5 Rocker Strikes Offshore

November 2016

No Tsunami Warning For West Coast After Massive Japan Earthquake

SCENES FROM THE NEW ZEALAND EARTHQUAKE: Someday This Will All Happen to Humboldt

October 2016

Upcoming Perigean Spring Tides May Trigger Large Earthquakes, Study Says

July 2016

EARTHQUAKE!!! (We Thought It’d Be Bigger)

Good Morning, Humboldt. Have an Earthquake.

June 2016

A Tiny Earthquake For Willow Creek

January 2016

Oh Really, Humboldt? Now an Earthquake, Too?

EARTHQUAKE! Li’l 4.5 Shaker Ushers in 2016

December 2015

Minor Earthquake Hits Offshore From Ferndale

November 2015

No Tsunami Warning For West Coast After 7.6M Peru Earthquake

4.3 Quake Strikes Off Cape Mendocino

October 2015

SHAKER IN ARCATA! A Li’l 3.4 Quake Just Shook a Lot of People

July 2015

No Tsunami For Humboldt After Today’s 7.0M Indonesian Earthquake

May 2015

(UPDATE) 4.4M Earthquake Briefly Wakes Humboldt

April 2015

LoCO Did Not Feel Today’s 4.8M Earthquake

March 2015

Oh, There Was a Little Earthquake Last Night

February 2015

LoCO Did Not Feel the M3.4 Earthquake Just Now, Did You?

January 2015

… Aaand Another Lil’ Earthquake For Humboldt

5.7 Earthquake Rattles the North Coast (MAGNITUDE UPDATE, AFTERSHOCKS)

3.6 Earthquake Tickles the Coast

Pair of Earthquakes This Morning

2015 Shakes off 2014: 5.1 Earthquake!

October 2014

[UPDATE: 3.9 Near Willits] Did You Feel Them? Two Small Quakes

August 2014

First Hand Report - The Napa Quake

July 2014

Magnitude 6.8 Earthquake Rumbles Off Japan’s Eastern Coast, No Tsunami Warning Locally

June 2014

Earthquake Rumbles Off SoHum Coast

March 2014

Swarm of Smaller Earthquakes Follow Last Night’s 6.9

January 2014

Yes, That Was An Earthquake

December 2013

Oh, There Was an Earthquake in This Morning’s Wee Hours

A Little Morning Earthquake!

November 2013

3.5 Earthquake NNE of Redway

August 2013

3.2 Earthquake West of Petrolia

3.0 Earthquake Near Orleans Complex

4.5 Earthquake West of Eureka

May 2013

NOW UPDATED to FIVE Earthquakes—-Earthquakes Centered Near Rio Dell

March 2013

Earthquake 51 Km West of Ferndale

Tsunami Warning Test

November 2012

7.4 Earthquake Off Guatemala Coast; No Tsunami Threat

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