In celebration of your achievement and of the responsibility we all have to make the world a better place, take a listen to the only speech you’ll ever want to hear twice.

It comes from Robert Krulwich, NPR science reporter and Radiolab co-host. It was originally featured on Radiolab’s podcast back in 2008. [Learn more about Radiolab here.] 

In a commencement address at CalTech, Krulwich makes the case that reasoned thought doesn’t sell itself.

You’re lucky enough to have found both the time and money to further your education, and now you can share the wealth. In doing so, Krulwich argues, your delivery matters.  A lot. Think of all the liars, writers, TV and radio shows, and second-rate raconteurs you’re competing for attention with. The trick is to understand how the importance of your work is mainly limited by how good you can tell its story. Don’t talk about science, tell them a story.

Congratulations again, and good luck. 

-Mike Dronkers