Guest Opinion

January 2022

GUEST OPINION: Gateway Plan Does Housing the Right Way

December 2021

OP-ED: The Single Audit: What’s at Stake for Humboldt County

April 2021

GUEST OPINION: As Someone Who Has Two Active Lawsuits Against Caltrans, Let Me Say That Caltrans is Doing a Great Job With Last Chance Grade

March 2021

OP-ED: Salmon Need Cold Water to Live, and Trees Can Help

December 2020

OP-ED: Path to Reconciliation for Native People in California Begins With Truth and Healing

October 2020

OBITUARY: Melfred (Mike) R. Sweaney, 1951-2020

September 2020

OP-ED: ‘Faces You Can Trust’ Campaign Sends ‘Dangerous Message,’ Say McKinleyville and Northern Humboldt School Board Candidates

May 2020

OP-ED: Want to Help the Economy Recover? A Good First Step Would be to Make Our Cityscapes Friendlier for Outdoor Activities

December 2019

The Ridiculousness that is Humboldt State’s Uproar Over Wet Weather and Vaginas.

November 2019

Humboldt State Student Speaks Out About Recent Mass Shooting in Southern California

OP-ED: Adequately Mitigated, the Humboldt Wind Energy Project Would be an Urgently Needed Response to Climate Change, Says Friends of the Eel

OP-ED: Citing Danger to Birds, Three Conservation Groups Urge the County to Reject the Humboldt Wind Energy Project

OP-ED: The Terra-Gen Wind Power Project Will Give Humboldt Clean, Green Energy Independence

September 2019

Yes, My Belly Is Huge. No, You May Not Touch It.

OP-ED: Arcata’s New Lead For America Fellow Would Like to Introduce Herself and Tell You Why Humboldt Rules and Work With You to Make it Even Better

August 2019

OP-ED: Tearing Down Eureka Housing in Favor of Expanded Jail Parking is All Kinds of Dumb

July 2019

OP-ED: Yes, Removing the Klamath Hydropower Dams Would Immensely Improve Water Quality on the River, Says Environmental Scientist

June 2019

OBITUARY: Brian Konnersman, 1946-2019

May 2019

OP-ED: Hemp, Populism, and Humboldt

OP-ED: Wiyot Tribe Urges People to Cast a Wary Eye on Ridgetop Wind Power Project, Submit Comments on its Environmental Impact Report

April 2019

Christensen Deserved Better From Hypocritical Eureka High

LETTER from the PRESIDENT: Lost Coast Communications Stands For Locally Produced, Locally Owned Media

February 2019

Teams Like Western Sierra Will Never Understand the H-Dn Mentality

OP-ED: Disgraceful St. Mary’s Basketball Program Shows a Complete Lack of Integrity

January 2019

Ray Christie’s Lawyer Says: First They Came For Ray Christie, and You Did Not Speak Out Because You are a Vegetarian

HARDIN: Watching ‘Murder Mountain’

OP-ED: What the Netflix Series ‘Murder Mountain’ Got Wrong

November 2018

HARDIN: A Plant Can Break Your Heart

October 2018

HARDIN: Murder Mountain

HARDIN: The Cannabis Community and the Fog of War

HARDIN: Cannabis is Not Wine

September 2018

HARDIN: The Future of the Mateel

HARDIN: The War on Drugs Lives On in the Minds of Its Victims

An Open Letter to St. Joe’s Management, From a Laid-Off Technician

August 2018

HARDIN: A Community in Crisis

OP-ED: The City’s Plan For H and I Streets Will Make Eureka a Better Place

OP-ED: Ban Rancher Ray Christie from ‘Caring’ for Animals

July 2018

HARDIN: HSU Blew the ‘K’ out of KHSU

June 2018

MATTHEW in the MIDDLE: Déjà Vu, Suckers!

April 2018

OP-ED: So Many People Arrested Elsewhere Are Just Turned Out Onto the Streets in Eureka. Is That Right?

OP-ED: A Medication-Assisted Treatment Center is Critical to Fighting the Opioid Epidemic, Says Aegis Chief Executive

HARDIN: The Southern Humboldt Health Care District Wants to Know

March 2018

OP-ED: Humboldt Does Not Need Methadone

The McKinley Statue is a Cheap Tchotchke, and We Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Tossing it in the Trash

OP-ED: Humboldt, We Have A Problem — Too Much Weed

HUMBOLDT MOVIEGOERS: I Guess You Never Thought of This, But it is Actually Bad Manners to Talk During the Film

February 2018

OP-ED: I Mean, There’s Some Things to Think About Before That McKinley Statue Comes Down

OP-ED: HSU Budget Crisis an Indicator of Lack of Leadership


HARDIN: The ‘Polarization’ of American Politics

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