December 2019

The Ridiculousness that is Humboldt State’s Uproar Over Wet Weather and Vaginas.

November 2019

Humboldt State Student Speaks Out About Recent Mass Shooting in Southern California

OP-ED: Adequately Mitigated, the Humboldt Wind Energy Project Would be an Urgently Needed Response to Climate Change, Says Friends of the Eel

OP-ED: Citing Danger to Birds, Three Conservation Groups Urge the County to Reject the Humboldt Wind Energy Project

OP-ED: The Terra-Gen Wind Power Project Will Give Humboldt Clean, Green Energy Independence

September 2019

Yes, My Belly Is Huge. No, You May Not Touch It.

OP-ED: Arcata’s New Lead For America Fellow Would Like to Introduce Herself and Tell You Why Humboldt Rules and Work With You to Make it Even Better

August 2019

OP-ED: Tearing Down Eureka Housing in Favor of Expanded Jail Parking is All Kinds of Dumb

July 2019

OP-ED: Yes, Removing the Klamath Hydropower Dams Would Immensely Improve Water Quality on the River, Says Environmental Scientist

June 2019

OBITUARY: Brian Konnersman, 1946-2019

May 2019

OP-ED: Hemp, Populism, and Humboldt

OP-ED: Wiyot Tribe Urges People to Cast a Wary Eye on Ridgetop Wind Power Project, Submit Comments on its Environmental Impact Report

April 2019

Christensen Deserved Better From Hypocritical Eureka High

LETTER from the PRESIDENT: Lost Coast Communications Stands For Locally Produced, Locally Owned Media

February 2019

Teams Like Western Sierra Will Never Understand the H-Dn Mentality

OP-ED: Disgraceful St. Mary’s Basketball Program Shows a Complete Lack of Integrity

January 2019

Ray Christie’s Lawyer Says: First They Came For Ray Christie, and You Did Not Speak Out Because You are a Vegetarian

HARDIN: Watching ‘Murder Mountain’

OP-ED: What the Netflix Series ‘Murder Mountain’ Got Wrong

November 2018

HARDIN: A Plant Can Break Your Heart

October 2018

HARDIN: Murder Mountain

HARDIN: The Cannabis Community and the Fog of War

HARDIN: Cannabis is Not Wine

September 2018

HARDIN: The Future of the Mateel

HARDIN: The War on Drugs Lives On in the Minds of Its Victims

An Open Letter to St. Joe’s Management, From a Laid-Off Technician

August 2018

HARDIN: A Community in Crisis

OP-ED: The City’s Plan For H and I Streets Will Make Eureka a Better Place

OP-ED: Ban Rancher Ray Christie from ‘Caring’ for Animals

July 2018

HARDIN: HSU Blew the ‘K’ out of KHSU

June 2018

MATTHEW in the MIDDLE: Déjà Vu, Suckers!

April 2018

OP-ED: So Many People Arrested Elsewhere Are Just Turned Out Onto the Streets in Eureka. Is That Right?

OP-ED: A Medication-Assisted Treatment Center is Critical to Fighting the Opioid Epidemic, Says Aegis Chief Executive

HARDIN: The Southern Humboldt Health Care District Wants to Know

March 2018

OP-ED: Humboldt Does Not Need Methadone

The McKinley Statue is a Cheap Tchotchke, and We Shouldn’t Feel Bad About Tossing it in the Trash

OP-ED: Humboldt, We Have A Problem — Too Much Weed

HUMBOLDT MOVIEGOERS: I Guess You Never Thought of This, But it is Actually Bad Manners to Talk During the Film

February 2018

OP-ED: I Mean, There’s Some Things to Think About Before That McKinley Statue Comes Down

OP-ED: HSU Budget Crisis an Indicator of Lack of Leadership


HARDIN: The ‘Polarization’ of American Politics

January 2018

HARDIN: SoHum’s Goose is Cooked

LIMITING THE UGLY: Will Eureka Gently Correct Course Away From the Lighted, Blighted Future Toward Which it Careens?

HARDIN: Celebrating Legalization

HARDIN: A New Brand of Stupid, and a New Way to be Wrong

December 2017

HARDIN: The True Meaning of Christmas

HARDIN: Stand Tall and Celebrate Legalization

OP-ED: LoCO Wasn’t Fair to That Occupy Protester Who Got a $50K Settlement From the City of Eureka

HARDIN: Drug Treatment Doesn’t Solve the Housing Crisis

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