A: Yes you will

C’mon, LoCO army, this is an easy one. Humboldt-born, gluten free bakery Natural Decadence have the chance to secure a cool $250,000 from mega Chase Bank as part of the makin’-it-rain Mission Main Street grant giveaway. All they need is your Facebook vote at this link. If Natural Decadence can get to 250 votes — which should be a piece of (gluten free) cake — they will be eligible to be judged by a panel of supposedly wise financial types for one of twelve $250,000 grants to be awarded in January.

So Natural Decadence is asking for two clicks here. The first, here. Then one more. 

Got it? Sweetness.

(Natural Decadence owners Rosa Dixon and Milia Lando, above, surely thank you for your clicks. Learn more about their business in the Humboldt Made clip below.)

# # #

UPDATE, 3:21 p.m.: Well, unbeknownst to LoCO, there are actually a few local businesses up for this grant. Since we are an equal opportunity promoter, we’ll ask you to click on this “search by ZIP code” link and give as many local businesses as you see fit a click bump.

Go economy!