Press release from the Humboldt County Office of Education:

Garry Eagles, Humboldt County Superintendent of Schools, was named “Outstanding Administrator of the Year” by the California Music Educators Association (CMEA). This award honors a non-music educator who, as a school administrator, has contributed powerfully to the support of music education.

The award was announced at the All County Music Festival on Saturday, November 16, where approximately 400 6th through 12th grade students from Humboldt and Del Norte counties performed for the public.

In support of Dr. Eagles, Judi Scharnberg, President of the North Coast Section of CMEA said, “When our membership was asked what they thought of nominating Dr. Eagles for this award, the idea was met with unanimous, instant approval.” Dr. Eagles has consistently supported the arts for the students, provided training for teachers, and financially supported numerous arts education programs and activities. He is a founding member of the Humboldt County Arts Alliance, the Regional Arts Forum and the Rising Stars Foundation, as well as the founding director of the North Coast Repertory Theatre (NCRT) in Eureka.

Dr. Eagles will formally receive the Outstanding Administrator of the Year Award at the Annual CMEA Awards Banquet in Fresno, CA in February 2014. For the past 42 years, Dr. Eagles has been devoted to education and has consistently focused on “what’s best for kids” through his career and community involvement. His background includes that of teacher, counselor and school psychologist, and he has served as Humboldt County’s Superintendent of Schools since 2002.