Today, November 26th, a jury returned a guilty verdict against Ruperto Gonzalez Martinez for Transportation of Heroin and Possession of Heroin for Sales.

Gonzalez had been arrested on August 12th when the vehicle he was driving was stopped by Eureka Police Officer Joshua Siipola. A “pay and owe” sheet was found on Martinez believed to be related to heroin sales. Because Martinez did not have a valid license, the arrangements were made to tow the vehicle.  Officer Siipola began inventorying the contents of the vehicle and found 3.3 grams of black tar heroin, over $2000, and a digital scale.  

According to Deputy District Attorney David Nims, “Fortunately the jury saw through the Defendant’s girlfriend and her attempt to shield the Defendant from being held accountable. Officer Siipola from the EPD did a wonderful job as did District Attorney Investigator Marvin Kirkpatrick in explaining to the jury why the possession of the heroin was for sale.”

Martinez could receive up to five years of local prison custody and deportation at his sentencing.