Photo of Katherine Rominger taken Spring of 2012

“When I was 14 years old, I was forced to witness and help clean up a murder,” recounted Katherine Rominger quietly. “I was abused for the next 6 years… .”

Today, at 9 A.M., the Humboldt Co. Board of Supervisors will acknowledge the pain of thousands of domestic violence sufferers with a proclamation. Rominger will sign the proclamation and speak.  She said that she is signing on behalf of the Silent Witness program and behalf of “people who lost their lives in domestic violence situations.”

“I’m going to speak about my experience, why I decided to leave [my husband,] and why this program is important to me,” Rominger said.

Later, between 11 A.M. and 1 P.M. on the Courthouse lawn, she will join others in the Silent Witness program that sets up life-sized, human silhouettes.  Rominger says the silhouettes will carry the personal stories of people (mostly women) who have lost their lives in domestic violence situations. 

According to Rominger and domestic violence statistics, an average of three women die every day due to domestic violence. She and the organizers of this event hope to raise awareness of the problem, encourage victims, but, in keeping with this year’s theme, also engage men and boys in changing the culture of violence against women.

Rominger says that she, too, almost lost her life. “It wasn’t until he said that he had a place for my body that I was too afraid not to tell the truth—too afraid that I was going to become the next missing person.”

The community is invited to come by the installation at the Courthouse today and remember the victims.