Once again the Boom boomed in the Eureka area. (Possibly boomed several times.) Once again, LoCO readers are asking, “What’s up?”

LoCO notes that we have not yet tracked down the source of these loud disturbances. In fact, we are clueless as to the origins. So (with apologies to the Scarlet Pimpernel) we say helplessly, 

We seek him here.  We seek him there.

That dammed illusive bombardier.

(Not wanting to be unduly biased, we acknowledge the noises could come from a she or and it also.)

However, one of our persevering LoCO commenters has suggested…

Perhaps it would help the police or amateur detectives if we include our approximate locations, direction of sound if it could be determined, how loud, direction of flash if seen, as well as the date and time.

Then s/he offered a format and information to do so:

Date: 10-20-2013
Time: 11:29 or :30 pm
My location: near McCullen and Broadway, indoors
Direction of boom: possibly west
How loud: earlier ones may have been louder, but fairly loud
Direction of flash: not seen

Perhaps your information could be helpful in zeroing in on the culprit(s) so feel free to chime in with what you’ve got.  Can crowdsourcing pinpoint the cause where law enforcement has failed?